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hiiii my name is risik :) im a dj producer graphic designer person from columbus OH (born in rochester NY) and i’m really obsessed with music ! i was introduced to djing in 2012 shortly after discovering electronic music & i started producing in 2017. 

I’ve had the opportunity to open for some of my favorite artists (rezz, bleep bloop, sayer, sumthin sumthin, great dane to name a few) and play with my friends in MBFP as a resident dj here in columbus.

i also mange airplane mode, which is a collection of music curated by artists and musicians to help cope with anxiety, depression, & stress. we feature playlists biweekly showcasing music that artists listen to when they’re dealing with their own personal anxieties, and sharing ways they deal beyond music.

Photography featured on this website by Collins Laatsch.